Costa Verde, where you can have 365 days of Summer!

The big idea of our Massage parlour is to bring our customers warm and experiences masseuses from all over the world.

The name was created with an atmosphere which brings you to the most crystalline water from the beaches of the warmest and beautiful countries in the world!

We want you to feel thru our hands that its possible to feel like you are getting an amazing massage in the most beautiful beach!

Josy Zareen decided to open a massage parlour with a different touch from any other in Reykjavík. The decoration is based on the green water and the breeze of the sea. Costa Verde Massage Parlour uses oil and products from Brazil (Natura) and brings you the unique masseuses from Thailand, Vietnam, Iran, Brazil, Venezuela and Cuba. Our only goal is to make you rest and forget that it is cold outside :)

Hope to see you in our Parlour.